Mainstream Media Inaction

You read that right,

Brigade soldiers rescue pair of Iraqi hostages

MOSUL, Iraq – They’ve uncovered caches of enemy weapons and flushed out a variety of shady characters since coming to Iraq last fall.
But the most astonishing find of the war for several Tacoma-area soldiers turned up this week in a secret room behind a bookshelf in a northeast Mosul basement.

Following a tip from an Iraqi source, Stryker troops rescued two handcuffed and hooded citizens from a squalid concrete-block room.

One of the captives was an Iraqi government official who works closely with American forces. He had been missing 58 days, said officials with the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division from Fort Lewis.

The other was a wealthy merchant whose family was close to paying a $150,000 ransom, officials said.

Exactly where is the MSM on this?

We triple-dipped in the sugar bowl here, rescuing two men from certain death, killing/capturing known, active terrorists and took all their weaponry. Where the hell are the reporters?

“But Kid, you found this in a newspaper from a medium sized city, there’s your mainstream media!�

Umm, sorry, that doesn’t count. The linked article is from the hometown paper of the soldiers who did the rescuing. If that paper didn’t carry this story, they’d lose half their readership in a day.

Listening to the radio, I can tell you every hour on the hour how many people were killed by terrorists yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, but I don’t get to hear a single success stories?

Some ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ we have going here.

And if some left wing asshat tries to tell you we’re creating more terrorists with our presence, kick him in the nuts and show him this. I think we just convinced two klans that we’re the good guys.

Found at Murdoc Online

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