The Greeny Grass is Greener

…in free states, that is. Witness this California expatriate:

I was able to move out of southren california to washington state in a suprising 2 week’s, it is easier then you might think, everything went smooth. As soon as you hit portland/Seattle area it becomes a lot like California. Not a culture shock at all. Make the move guys.

It kind of takes the fun out of gun ownership, part of the fun was sneaking around cali laws and explaining to people how i had a cool gun.

–Calgunner GP100, formerly of Riverside CA.

I dunno, why would I want to move to a free state if that made gun ownership less fun? (scratches head)

Lots of California gun owners are panicking at the freight train of unconstitutional legislation coming our way.

Yes, we’re fighting, and fighting hard. Already some of the bills have, I understand, been blocked until next session due to a flood of calls and letters. Not all of them, though.

I’m sanguine, though: It’s not really a freight train, folks, it’s a Constitutional briar patch, and we’re Bre’r Rabbit.

The more infringing the law, the better the court ruling overturning it and setting legal precedent. “Please, Br’er Fox….”

Counter to MadRock’s QOTD below: maybe the grass in California will end up being pretty green after all.

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  1. Defens says:

    The problem with Cali subjects fleeing the state and moving to the Evergreen State is that they tend to bring their California culture and mindset with them. Seattle is filled with Californians, who vote for the same nanny state mentalities that they did at home.

    Stay at home – don’t come running up here and bringing your crap laws with you. We have problems enough of our own.

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