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Sporting Rifle Match 2013 – Raton NM

Greetings from finally sunny Michigan. When last I posted about the annual Great Western Pilgrimage to Idaho and beyond and down to Raton, NM, I was in the Estes Park, Colorado vicinity with 15 inches of freshly fallen snow and … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day 5/17/13

The liberal progressive mindset seems to be baked into the cake of government. That’s what leads to the scepticism and mistrust. The real question is How do we get it out? — Dana Perino on The Five, Fox News

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Cheerful Cthulhu

I prefer my horror fiction dark and moody — it’s comforting and familiar that way, you see –  but I’ve always had to admit that chirpy, done-in-bright-daylight horror is actually a lot creepier and disturbing. If a Cthulhu cult really … Continue reading

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Topical Reading

I’d call this a misuse of a perfectly good Garand. There are better tools for that sort of job. With all the “rogue” IRS agents in the news these days, it seems like a good time to point out that … Continue reading

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An Airborne Weapon for a More Elegant Age

Looks like a Weatherby. I like Weatherbys.

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