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Pappy van Winkle

23 year-old. Rarer than hen’s teeth, and now I know why. Amazing stuff. Smooth and fiery at the same time. Found at District, an upscale whisky and tapas bar in Downtown Oakland’s little upscale district. Didn’t know such an area … Continue reading

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No Sympathy at All

Which just reminds me not to have any for their future plights AmericaBlog headline: The IRS shouldn’t investigate the Tea Party. Homeland Security should. And a big fuck you to you too, pal. The AP phone logs The IRS offices … Continue reading

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Six People Who Deserve To Be Recalled

Who all just voted to guarantee they will most likely can not be recalled. TAKOMA PARK, Md. — A small Maryland city just outside the Washington, D.C., city limits has voted to lower the voting age for city elections to … Continue reading

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