I can’t get enough of this guy

I’m as tickled as when I first heard Iggy. Maybe it’s the Frank Miller/Lone Wolf and Cub vibe with the hat, but I’m hooked.

Ewan Dobson: Where Are You

You really need to listen all the way through, there are surprising delights towards the end of each of these. Level 5 in particular.

Ewan Dobson: Level 5

Fingerstyle guitarists so often neglect melodic phrasing; Dobson’s stuff’s chock-full of one melodic hook after another.

Ewan Dobson: Level 40

Ewan Dobson: Paganini’s Whiskey

Ewan Dobson: Paganini, Caprice No. 5. Betcha’ve never heard it in this key before.

And the masterpiece, Time2:

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