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Some fun fiction

Here ya go. Don’t say I never done nothing fer ya all.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/25/13

At some point debts must be paid, and ugly debts results in ugly solutions. No one, I don’t think, really imagined France would simply seize all of the property owned by the Catholic church to pay its debts in 1792… … Continue reading

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The Modern Face of Progressivism

They can even ruin LoTR (You’ll have to clickken to embiggen this one)

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It is almost here

Usually, dumb ideas from the UK or the eurozone strike on the east coast of the US, and before you know it, migrate themselves to California. The infection is concreted in state and federal legislatures and all of America suffers. … Continue reading

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Easy Reason

Today: The Phillips Curve

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Recent History

I misplaced my local politics links folder a couple weeks back, but found it this weekend. So here goes: The Washington State Democrat Senators decided to declare war on working mothers: During a mid-afternoon session, as the Senate was debating … Continue reading

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