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Today in Progressivism

I found myself a small stash of really messed up people posting their ramblings on the interwebz and would like to share them with you for you entertainment. Women are “statistically not good” at math and science, so it must … Continue reading

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Taking his oath seriously

John Cooke, Sheriff of Weld County, Colorado, has stated that he will refuse to enforce the state’s newest civil rights violations passed by the Democrats in the state House. Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said he won’t enforce either gun-control … Continue reading

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You gotta fight!

For your right! To wag your willie in public. Yes, that is the current super-duper outrage in San Francisco this week. When San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener was pushing his peers on the Board of Supervisors to approve his second … Continue reading

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Up on Cypress Hill

They’re giving the Democratic Party ideas. In a move that could set off new fears of contagion across the eurozone, anxious depositors drained cash from ATMs in Cyprus on Saturday, hours after European officials in Brussels required that part of … Continue reading

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