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It is coming

Just like Winter Kewl

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Recovering a bit of history

Pictures of the Saturn V F-1 engine Jeff Bezos recovered from the ocean floor. That put man on the moon.

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Modern Face of Progessivism

Sorry for missing yesterday. Mechanical difficulties. Today’s item seems consistent with folks I had run across during my time at college. Expand to the belief that Mommy and Daddy are government and you have completed the liberal moral cycle.

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Easy Reason

So as a sort of counter the progressivism posts, here is some quick knowledge. While these only take a minute to watch, that amount of time is still longer that the progessives have spent using logic and reason to come … Continue reading

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Those Crazy Russians

WARNING: Video not safe for work, due to violence and language! Awesome first person shooter type video, with an awesome soundtrack. Make if full screen and TURN IT UP!

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