Calm Before the Storm

As mentioned previously, I’m missing Boomershoot this year. Why was left vague.

Well, it’s because I work in an industry that’s heavily regulated by both the Feds and the various States, and it just so happens that a whole bunch of State regulators decided to do their audits of my employer in the same month. One set of regulators are flying in from a wintry State to our sunny clime, and they’re actually going to be onsite for a week. If past performance is any guide, they’ll call in sick a couple of days to enjoy the sun. Fuckers.

Of course, as the regulated entity, their travel, etc., is all on our dime. Last week was hell, and the next two will be worse.

“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” Actually, no, we expected this all right, we just don’t have time to entertain these people while running our business, goddammit.

I’ve accepted that the art of surviving the new socialism involves cozying up to the overlords, but damn, it’s sure a pain in the ass at times.

Here’s some Ewan Dobson. Crank the bass.

And Larry Mitchell’s Political Rain. So sweeeet.

Aw, hell, here’s another awesome Dobson tune. Autumn Red.

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