Turkey 2.0 almost done

Where 1.0 from this morning was at 160 degrees a mere two hours in, Turkey 2.0 is only at 150 degrees after two-and-a-half hours.

Side note: whatever ad agency decided to mix “Deck the Halls” with “Bust A Move” is staffed with geniuses. This opinion has nothing to do with the two glasses of Gewurtztraminer I’ve had to accompany post-feast chocolate-chip cookies.

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One Response to Turkey 2.0 almost done

  1. Julie Wright says:

    Hi! I was trying to locate a full version of the Deck the Halls/Bust a Move song…I love it too =) I am currently under the influence of rum and coke, but I’m pretty sure I’d still like it without the encouragement…lol.


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