AT&T v. Concepcion

As some of you know, among other things, my job involves writing my employers’ contracts with consumers who use our services.  One of the best weapons has been the arbitration provision — keeps disputes private, keeps them out of court, and most importantly, prevent class actions and attorneys’ fee awards if they’re written correctly. California and a few other states have tried to gut that tool of its usefulness, and a case I’ve been watching for years just was heard at the US Supreme Court. Transcript of oral argument here.

Bear in mind, in most cases if you complain about something as a consumer of our services, my company and others like it will simply refund your money, 100%, no questions, just to shut you up and avoid inquiry by a state agency/bad BBB rating/etc.  We make those contracts you agree to so brutal only to fend off class-action consumer attorneys who bring utterly frivolous suits to collect big settlement checks from us.

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