The batteries died in my calendar

Waiting for the national MSM to report on leftist violence.

So here are the two biggest non-stories from last week.

Bail set for Olympia protesters  accused of assaulting police, photographer

A woman arrested on suspicion of kicking a police officer in the groin during Thursday night’s anti-police rally downtown told an officer, “The last time an officer said I assaulted him the charge got dismissed, no contest. My mom has a lot of money, my friend,” court papers state.

The woman, Margaret Belknap, 22, and Paul French, 25, were ordered held at the Thurston County Jail with bail set at $2,500 during a court hearing Friday, a day after their arrests on suspicion of third-degree felony assault of a police officer.

French is accused of hitting an Olympia police officer in the face, and Belknap is accused of kicking an Olympia officer in the “upper right inside thigh near his groin” and kicking him in the knee while wearing black “military type” boots.

French is scheduled to walk during graduation ceremonies for students at The Evergreen State College in June. He has worked off and on as a land surveyor.

Belknap is a former Evergreen student. She was arrested in San Francisco in 2009 on three counts of third-degree assault, but the case was dismissed after she completed a diversion program.

Twenty-nine other people were arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor crimes during Thursday night’s anti-police march in downtown Olympia.

Jami Williams, 20, was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and vandalism after allegedly assaulting Tony Overman, a photographer for The Olympian. Overman said protesters spray-painted his face and camera as he took a photo of someone spray-painting a street sign. He said protesters also shoved him, wrested control of his cell phone and attempted to smash it on the ground.

The 28 other protesters were arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor riot.


About 8:45 p.m., one protester was witnessed spray-painting “Kill Cops” on a large utility transformer box owned by Puget Sound Energy after passing the Heritage Park fountain.

Nine crazy people whom the media tie to the very far right side of the political aisle in the midwest conspire with an FBI mole to kill a cop and they currently sit in jail with no chance at bail.

Thirty plus people whom the media refuse to identify as being on the far left side of the political aisle actually commit assault on a dozen or more police officers and an actual member of the media while encouraging each other to kill one of them and committing thousands of dollar of property damage, and they are given the opportunity to bail/bond out for pocket change, as though it was the most normal thing in the world.

I seem to be missing the “all men are created equal” part of this comparison. Set those little Evergreen shits in jail for $250K bail and watch them run off to mommy and daddy for a lawyer.

Here is local leftist uber-blogger, Goldy at HorsesAss.Org, trying to explain away how these self-styled black-bloc “anarchists” are not part of the left and losing very badly in the comments section.

Keep and eye on how long they lock the Hutaree up for. Last week, this guy only got five years for various charges connected to firebombing in the name of ELF.

A Texas man who planted a gasoline bomb at a condominium development under construction in Pasadena was sentenced today to five years in federal prison.

Stephen James Murphy, 44, pleaded guilty in January to conspiring with another person involved in the underground extremist movement ELF to maliciously damage or destroy property.

According to prosecutors, Murphy learned from an unindicted co-conspirator how to construct an incendiary device using a 64-ounce plastic juice bottle, gasoline and a delayed ignition timer.

The two planned on committing arson on behalf of ELF by using the device to burn down the under-construction condo building in hopes of intimidating and inflicting economic harm on individuals and companies they believed were causing harm to the environment, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

On Sept. 19, 2006, Murphy placed the device in a partially constructed unit in the condominium project known as Vista Del Arroyo Bungalows, which was being built directly beneath the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, prosecutors said.

Before leaving the scene, Murphy lit the device with the intent to burn down the entire development under construction, according to the government.

So he’s a yutz who couldn’t keep the wick of his firebomb dry.

Now I remember why I like to play Little Bunny Foo-foo versus The Field Mice with leftists.

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