Here we go again

Pentagon to adopt uniform rules on guns

I don’t understand how these idiots in charge believe that more gun regulations on base would have prevented this massacre. Someone hell-bent on murder is not going to follow a silly gun rule on post. He didn’t even live there. Do they plan to search every car that comes on base now? Including officers?

My favorite part:

A disgruntled Army doctor is charged in the deaths.

Disgruntled? Right. Of course, the article couldn’t say “Muslim Army doctor with ties to a radical jihadist imam.” That wouldn’t be politically correct. Wait…wasn’t it political correctness that allowed him to kill 13 innocent people and injure many more?

If they wanted to win sympathy for this murderer they might as well have called him a “paralyzed Army doctor.” Nevermind. That part is covered by CNN. At least there his radical Muslim intentions are mentioned.

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2 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Armageddon Rex says:

    A loaded side arm should be part of the duty uniform for Senior NCOs, Warrant Officers, and Commissioned Officers.

    It’s the military, not the Cub Scouts!

    We pay them to break sh!t, kill people, or threaten to do so…

    That Jihadi, scum bag, shrink wouldn’t have lasted past the first half dozen shots had my advise been implemented.

  2. Grey says:

    This kinder-gentler approach to a murdering jihadist is sickening but not surprising. If this scum had been any other faith it would be front and center but not with Islam. He deserves a pork fat rubbing.

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