Doing it proper

Sounds like someone who would hang out at RNS

Shakespeare’s Juliet famously wonders: “What’s in a name?”

Come to find out, a lot.

Missoula County learned that lesson the hard way when it inadvertently approved a road name that basically told folks where to stick it.

Tom Porter was more than a little miffed with Missoula County for making him go through subdivision review to put a trailer on his property, and then for making him install fire sprinklers in it.

Also by order of the county, Porter had to name the forever-nameless road leading up to his house. His address had always been Pulp Mill Road.

So Porter creatively chose “SIUYA Lane,” insisting that it meant a Japanese flower.

However, a Google search of the name doesn’t produce frilly photos of small delicate plants, but rather a popularly used insult in the texting world. (Look it up for yourself.)

The road sign wasn’t up one day before neighborhood kids stole it.

Mr. Porter, you’re welcome here any time. I may even owe you a beer or two on my next trip through ‘Tana.

Found via Craig at MTPolitics

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6 Responses to Doing it proper

  1. BobG says:

    I always thought someone should open a tavern called The Fu Bar.

  2. Tony says:


    Sprinklers in a trailer?

  3. HKpistole says:

    Heh, that is fantastic.

    here in Apex, NC I saw my personal favorite: “Marksman Way”

  4. dfwmtx says:

    The government prefers BOHICA.

  5. Dave says:

    seeing as how the last post didn’t work out too well, I’ll just leave the url for the image I tried to post earlier.

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