Am I missing something?

Please excuse me while I clear some thoughts and some links.

The Democrats and their minions are angry at the Republicans for not helping pass a bill that only a distinct minority of Americans supported.

Quite literally, the Air America flatulators were screaming “Why won’t you guys vote for this bill that no one wants!?!” into their mics for hours yesterday. Even the flatulators themselves didn’t want to see it passed, but they couldn’t bring themselves to take aim at those with (D)’s after their names who voted for it, so they went after the guys who agree with them who have (R)’s after their names, I guess because they made the (D)’s look bad or something.

I keep hearing that the Repubs didn’t come up with “their share” of votes or something and that it is either McCain’s or Boehner’s fault. Why is it never Pelosi’s fault for not coming up with enough votes?

I’ve been leaving messages at my various leftosphere haunts that essentially say: “You guys polished this turd. It goes on your mantle. Deal with it.”

This isn’t rocket science here. Rasmussen has polled this bill, and 33% are for it, 32% are against it, and 35% don’t care enough to want to know about it. The Repubs didn’t say they were getting peckish or anything, and yet the Dems tossed down this shit sandwich on the table, on a dirty plate no less, and now they’re pissed that the Repubs won’t eat it up and ask for another one?

Rumor has it that someone in the House (with less free space between their ears than most) is asking for a Capital Gains tax cut before they’ll even think about letting it hit the floor for a vote. Poll that idea, Rasmussen.

Coburn even went out and stated that there is no guarantee that the feces will be forcibly rotated if the bill isn’t passed or that the fan will magically be turned off if it does pass.

So my advice to the Republicans is to whip out their best British accent and speak the famous words of Sir Lawrence Olivier: “What is my motivation here?”

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3 Responses to Am I missing something?

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    It’s a kindergarten game of gotcha played by Pelosi the brain-scrambled idiot.

  2. Tony says:

    I believe it was our own Dave Reichert that suggested 0 capital gains.

    I called Dave’s office yesterday and thanked him for his no vote, and for his future no vote on Friday. 🙂

    Reichert is a good man.

  3. Bob1 says:

    I’ve read up on this “crisis,” and I’ve seen nothing to change my mind. Let things ride. Even if the economy plunges into a recession, it’ll be worth the housecleaning, provided the Repubs pin this rose squarely on the Democrats. If they handle this correctly, it might mean the Democrats are thoroughly discredited for a very long time. (Granted, that’s a big “if.” The Repubs can’t find their asshole with both hands and a flashlight.) Over the long haul, that’ll be a plus.

    And it would be far easier on the country than an all-out civil war between republicanism and socialism, which I fear may be inevitable if nothing changes.

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