The Soundboard: Pound of Sound

Week 5

It seems that you didn’t like the diet last week. Guess I’ll just have to up the poundage today. Sadly though, all I have are cutlets. No steaks or roasts.

But they’re veal, baybay.

We’ll start y’all off with The New Boss Guitar of George Benson, another one of those great guitatists you’ve probably never heard of.

Jazz Hammond B3 musician extraordinaire, Brother Jack MCDuff, liked Bensons playing so well, that he sold the Presitge Jazz label on giving him a record deal. They agreed, provided McDuff would put his name on the record. McDuff agreed and brought in Red Holloway on Tenor Sax, Ronnie Boykins on Bass and Montego Joe on Drums.

And we get the gold, folks.

I’m just gonna give you the first and last cuts off this record.

Shadow Dancers (4:45)

I think that somebody is doing “thee forbeedan danse” in those shadows. Cause this one is just nasty.

Next up, McDuff’s and session drummer, Joe Dukes’, take on the theme from the TV show, My Three Sons.

My Three Sons (5:37)

Takes off like a shot and keeps on going. Duff even “gives the drummer some”, if’n ya know whats I means. Priceless.

You know, I’ve been listening to various discs out from the jazzier section of my stacks and I just can’t get over how much I enjoy the John Patton albums. So today were gonna close out this Soundboard with a couple from him. And then, next week, were gonna toss up one of the strangest quartets he ever put together.

But back to today’s tunage, from the album Along Came John, with Fred Jackson and Harold Vick on Tenor Sax, Grant Green on Guitar and Ben Dixon on Drums.

Along Came John (6:00)

It should come as no surprise that this wandering little ditty is a wandering little ditty. Take a stroll with Big John.

Gee Gee (5:59)

Now, sit down on the park bench and watch those lovely ladies walk and jog by.

Mmmm-mmm and Dayam!

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