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Very busy now. I’ve found out that I’ll have a student next week to teach my job too whilst I take most of October off with The Wife and Fam. She is, quite literally, a student. Just graduated from high school this last spring, she did. We’ll see if she learned anything that’ll help her memorize.

So, while I’m gather and creating materials for her training, I don’t have a lot of “home time” and links is what you’ll get today.

Make sure you stop by CQ and read Cap’n Ed’s take on the whole debacle on NPR’s refusal to run Juan Cole’s recent interview with the President. The topic was on the Jena 6 and race relations, and figuring how that is Cole’s area of expertise, you’d think NPR would looove to run it.

Nope, but FOX picked it up.

Then, after you get a bit pissed at the blatant bias from NPR there, you can go to the leftist FireDogLake blog and laugh your ass off when they write how about they actually believe that NPR leans “center-right”.

And after you wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes, hit up this link to an actually quite decent LA Times piece asking “What are Hollywood’s Values?”.

I’ve got an answer: Anything they can make money on; whether it be gang rape, vigilante justice or the Global Warming Death Cult. They’re not picky.

Pulling away from the theories and back into reality, Jody Williams has a great post over at Opinion Journal on how China is funding both the morals and weaponry were seeing used on the civilian population in Myanmar currently.

Not all that surprising. It’s just nice to see it confirmed.

For all you engineer types, Popular Mechanics has this piece up on how engineers are looking to design bridges in the future to be “terrorism proof”. I’d just like them to figure out how to make them “gravity proof”, but I suppose this will be a good early step.

And for those who dabble in Legalese, Dave Kopel of the Volokh Conspiracy found the 2nd Amendment while reading a 1987 “Constitution” for the state of New Columbia, known to you and I as Washington DC. Apparently, they were pushing for statehood in the late 80’s and they enacted a state constitution as a show of good faith.

It’s almost too bad it didn’t work because it’s the 2A word for word. But it does show evidence of intent for the upcoming Parker/Heller case.

And could someone who speaks Legalese please translate this for me. It sounds as though the Pro-Rights side got told to get bent on the lifting the ban on long guns?

(Last two links found @ Uncles)

Alright now, that is enough. And off I go.

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