Monday, Monday

Well, it is nearly here. Boomershoot.


If you want to go and haven’t signed up, you’d better be doing so rather quickly because this is what is known as ‘The Week Before�.

Here is what will be going down at RNS: I am working tonight. I then have the rest of this week and the first part of next week off to get prepared to travel to Idaho and blow some shit up.

Since I work nights and the Boomershoot is a “Day Activity� I will be using Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to adjust my schedule so that I will be on the ball for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I will be posting some ripe news and views through Thursday in the mornings, albeit a little later than I usually do. Professor Booty may be coming in during the week to take up some of the slack as well.

Starting on either Friday night or Saturday day I’ll be posting pics from the Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic I am attending on Friday and Saturday, so watch for that. Monday, I’ll be posting up some of the pics taken of the actual Boomershoot festivities and I will post the rest when I get back home that afternoon.

I have a rather nicely appointed set of living quarters reserved for my stay in Idaho. The only downside is that there is no high speed ISP there. Dial up only. So that will be the limiting factor on how much and what I post (I like y’all, but I’m not gonna to be sitting around and waiting for a phoneline to load up pics when I can be getting some trigger time in).

I’m sure you understand.

Basically, there will be a slight adjustment of transmissions out of RNS Central, but fear not, all systems are go.

This will hopefully be “Must See Blogging�

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2 Responses to Monday, Monday

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    There is free highspeed wireless access at the Helgeson Hotel ( in Orofino. Just park close by and upload the pictures from your vehicle.

    The IGA used to have free access but it doesn’t show up on the free hotspots list here:

  2. kirkster13 says:

    I am staying at the Helgeson (ben and I got a 2 bedroom suite) just for the high speed Internet access. But seeing the place where you are staying makes me a bit green… I am a photographer as well as a Gunnie….

    I will be getting in on Thursday around 2pm. where will we be getting the ice cold adult beverages???

    I am not sure that my cell will work out there as it is a GSM phone. But I will email you my number anyway….


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