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Little Iron

  …at Costco today, Santa Maria “fun-size”* wood-or-charcoal grills, with the endlessly-fascinating manual rotating lifter. Yours for just $149.99! Here’s big brother, at $299:    Well, I can beat that:    Size matters! What you see here is a custom grill, … Continue reading

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I am not surprised

Nor should you be. Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess is proposing the city tax gun and ammunition sales and require owners to tell police about lost and stolen firearms. Seattle would tax gun and ammunition sales and require owners … Continue reading

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The statistics show

That at least 10% of the firearms owners in the US vote for the Democrat Party and favor Democratic Socialism Gun Ownership and Uncontrollable Anger Go Hand in Hand, Study Shows The more guns you own the more likely you … Continue reading

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