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New Eyes

i have an unfortunate habit of showing up for Boomershoot with guns that haven’t been sighted in, but this last two years my shooting’s been much worse, even after Lasik. Turns out I had a mild astigmatism remaining after the … Continue reading

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Eisenhower Steak

One of my uncles prefers his steak charred rare, and while that’s not my preference, I understand the attraction. This collection of fun articles about Ike’s steak make me want to try this out. Wood charcoal only. Now to find … Continue reading

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Eyvind Earle Viking Style

It’s been twenty years. I really need to start playing video games again, if only for the art. I loves me some Eyvind Earle (and not his Sleeping Beauty crap; his paintings), so this Banner Saga business is calling me…. … Continue reading

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The She-Guardian. Clicky for the ecstaticness. Yeah, we were gonna visit London again anyway (there’s not much more fun in life than inadvertently spooking a hulking, suspiciously kidnappy* unlicensed “black-cab” driver into squeaking “Are you a cop? I am so … Continue reading

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Wahhmbulance Enroute

The folks over at the HuffPo found a map and a search engine and have discovered that there are over 180 public schools named after leaders of and/or soldiers for the Confederate States of America. History + Geography x PSH … Continue reading

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