Legislating Trutherism

The 9/11 Truthers were able to get an Initiative ready for the ballot and collect the signatures to get it on the ballot.

They call it the High Rise Safety Initiative. It will “demand an investigation into the collapse of WYC Bldg #7″.

NYC is challenging its legality. They’re asking for money at the above link.

Almost 13 years later and the conspiracy theorists can’t put this last straw down.

Btw, I found the link to this on the front page of the hardcore leftist blog, Crooks & Liars whilst I was looking at leftospheric Ferguson coverage. Don’t ever let them tell you they’re more sane than the average right-wing blogger.

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One Response to Legislating Trutherism

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Unless the initiative spells out exactly how the “investigation” is to be done, Tammany Hall should just ignore the initiative. If it passes, NYPD assigns one detective to the investigation. Said shamus them copies all the commision reports, stamps an NYPD file number on them, then closes the case.

    End of story?

    Not quite.

    Tammany Hall AND Governor Cuommie need to investigate just how this idiocy got on the ballot in the first place. If the signatures weren’t faked outright (the “Oregon Way”), I’ll wager that the signature-gatherers told some pretty tall stories to get their quotas.

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