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What with the leftists campaigning on the the House of Representatives possibly filing article of impeachment against the President, as well as using the current lawsuit vote as a club to abuse their Republican counterparts, you’d think they had never seen the Executive Branch do anything illegal.

Even this:

CIA Admits to Spying on Senate Intelligence Committee

That link goes to hardcore leftosphere blog, Crooks and Liars. The post refeshes the reader about CIA Director, John Brennan’s, comments in March that there hadn’t been anything untoward done by the CIA involving the Senate Intelligence Committee.

That has been proved to be a lie.

The post quotes yesterday’s NYT article and links to the Inspector General’s report summary.

The first comment reads: In any truly democratic society this would be a scandal of epic proportions. It strikes at the very core of democracy to have an intelligence agency actually spying on elected officials. It speaks to how broken our society is that this will barely be a blip on the MSM radar and won’t get nearly the coverage of a missing plane or missing white girl.

If you read through the rest of the comments, they all agree that this is “a bad thing”. But none of them want any further investigation and no one is demanding heads.

Now, if I remember correctly, the CIA is part of the Executive Branch.

The National Security Council (NSC). The NSC has four members: the president, vice president, secretary of state and secretary of defense. As well as providing “guidance, review and direction” to the CIA, this group focuses on issues of national security and foreign and military matters [source: CIA Web site].

The President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. People from the private sector comprise this body, which evaluates the effectiveness of the CIA’s structure and activities.

The Intelligence Oversight Board. This board ensures that intelligence is gathered properly and legally.

If this had been a Republican, say McCain or Romney, administration, spying and hacking a Democrat Party run Senate Intelligence Committee, do you think there would be anything else on the television news but coverage of this?

Their guy repeatedly oversteps his legal limits and when the House takes him to court about it, they get to raise campaign money. But even when the branch of government he is professionally responsible for gets caught spying on another branch of government, an act which actually does offend them, not only does it barely get a mention, there are no calls for repercussions and no mention of his responsibility.

Prior to this, you would never be able have been able to convince me that these folks oppose totalitarianism. Now I am pretty sure that they would actually prefer it.

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2 Responses to It is right there

  1. “Prior to this, you would never be able have been able to convince me that these folks oppose totalitarianism. Now I am pretty sure that they would actually prefer it.”

    Well, sure they do…as long as they get to be the rulers.

  2. dustydog says:

    The Day President Walker takes office, the Left will shrilly blame him for this (and everything else they’ve been biting their tongues over).

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