Night Sentry

Forgot to mention in my discussion of house guns one of the most critical parts of our little “system,” at least in terms of convenience: the Night Sentry. This is a very sturdy, heavy-duty piece of plastic that fits between your mattress and box springs, and provides a handy loop for a Mag-lite or similar flashlight, and a holster mount for your bedside handgun.

Night Sentry.jpg

For folks with concealed carry permits, I suppose you would be able to pop your holster off your belt at night and slip it onto the Night Sentry at the side of your bed. Very slick.

This totally eliminates the problems attendant with storing your bedside handgun in, say, your nightstand drawer, where it can be scratched, covered up with books or magazines, or perhaps even (yikes) forgotten on your way out the door to work in the morning. This last is double-plus-ungood in a state like Kalifornia where you must keep your firearm either in a childproof place (i.e., locked up) or under your control pretty much all the time.

We’ve had ours since Christmas and I’m quite pleased with them. Perhaps just as important as the product is the customer service — the folks at Diamond are incredibly nice and very concerned with the quality of their Night Sentries. When one of ours arrived with a slight defect, they instructed me to return it and within two days provided me with both a brand new one and a check for my postage costs.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Now if the designers of bathroom accessories would only come up with one for the bathroom, so you didn’t have to be so vulnerable when your pants are down and your ass is hanging out…

    Perhaps it could be a wall-mountable one, with matching TP holder.

    Or maybe a tasteful ceramic piece that would sit on top of the toilet tank.

    My favorite would be one that was waterproof, and hung over the shower head pipe…

  2. David says:

    Ah, you’re talking about the Sure Set Holster Mount! The Sure Set Holster Mount “attaches to just about any hard point… can be adjusted any which way to aid in a smooth natural draw from your holster,” according to Dave Douglas in this month’s American Handgunner magazine, page 26 (for those who like to browse in their local newsstand). Just got mine in the mail last night.

    Website is

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