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Wherein I Suck at Shooting (Can I blame the ammo?)

Well, much like the Analog Kid, I too seem to have had a nasty-ass day at the office — two, in fact. Unlike the Kid, I ameliorated them somewhat by hauling myself off to the range at lunchtime each day. … Continue reading

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Killing Meme

Well, it’s time to show that Kim’s not the only one who can post examples of great Western artistic and literary works. Today we’ll let those who may be inclined read an excerpt from a Nobel Prize-winning novel! Usually the Nobel … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Camaro Rock

So yesterday’s post was an attention getter as I knew it would be. The link is fixed now if you had trouble with it then. I did get a couple emails from people wondering what the hell I thought I … Continue reading

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Heavy Fuel

In Tuesday’s post about me getting a commuter sportster, our good man Rivrdog left a comment about how I should buy a diesel fueled vehicle and that it could double as my SHTF vehicle as well. Besides the overwhelming “NO!” … Continue reading

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