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Oh, That Makes Sense

Reuters is carrying a story, repeated on The Hill’s website, claiming that neither of the Boston Bombers had a permit to own rifles or handguns (note that I think such requirements are unconstitutional, but in Massachusetts they exist). Reuters goes … Continue reading

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Very Interesting.

I find the most fascinating things following links from Glenn Reynolds… may the man live to be a hale 120. Once again via his blog, Outlaw Gunsmithing 1 and Outlaw Gunsmithing 2. This Outlaw Gunsmith seems a patriotic sort; I … Continue reading

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Perhaps Honoring an Old Tradition

Via the ubiquitous Instapundit I arrived at this story: What a Way to Treat a Heroine. In the main, and to the credit of the (formerly Great) British, the comments on the article are outraged in the Petty Officer’s favor. … Continue reading

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Wanted: Good Arguments

I would like to ask the readers and contributors here at RNS for some help. Some back story: I’ve been married for almost two years now. Two teenage step-kids and a baby. We’re planning another baby eventually. About nine months … Continue reading

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My Letter to Mike Hope, Representative for the 44th District in Washington State

Mr. Hope: You are one of 38 state representatives sponsoring HB 1588, the backdoor registration scheme currently masquerading as a universal background check bill. Such a bill violates the rights of law-abiding citizens of this state such as myself, and … Continue reading

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It’s Not Nice… but I Laughed

With apologies to Paul Harvey I’m sure: YouTube: So God Made a Liberal

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Take up Arms… Take up Arms!

“This, Gandalf, was Glamdring, Foe-hammer that the king of Gondolin once wore.” – Elrond “He wields the Foe-Hammer! The Beater, its blade as bright as daylight!” – Goblin-chief Now if I could just find some .308 ammo that I didn’t … Continue reading

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At the Capital Rally

I got to the rally in Olympia a few minutes late, it is cold and foggy. There’s a few hundred people here right now, I don’t think they are at the 1500 the organizers expected. But they’re here until 2 … Continue reading

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New Winner

In the contest for “Most Asinine State in the Union,” California just planted a foot in New York’s face and made the slam dunk. David… you may want to prepare options. You’ve probably already done so to some extent. You … Continue reading

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Olympia Bound

Anyone planning to attend the gun rights rally in their State Capitol tomorrow? I heard about it on the Hickok45 youtube channel, which I recommend if you enjoy watching shooting and common-sense talk about guns from an old retired duffer. … Continue reading

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