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Stephen Hsu and Some Guy Who Played Bongos

To some of us, this photo has the same emotional resonance as the one of Bill Clinton shaking JFK’s hand had to a very different tribe: I still try to reread Feynman’s QED every year. You should too.  

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Specialty Pistol on 6mmBR

Always nice to see more specialty pistols exposure, and 6mmbr sure does have pretty pictures: XP-100 on custom aluminum frame. And on the C&J Convertible Rest — Hot Dog! Cayle’s Custom 22BR Prairie Dog Pistol

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“Reading was not fashionable in the eighteen-fifties”

A delightful book worth seeking out is The Fantastic City by Amelia Ransome Neville, (link to free ebook, good luck on finding a hard copy) primarily for its humanizing nuggets of golden-state history (“Beckwourth, the explorer, lately returned from the … Continue reading

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Well That’s Interesting

Walter Russell Mead neatly catches the irony that, just as Obama handed the Palestinians a resounding political victory, a sober look at the situation suggests that the Palestinians have not been this weak, this divided, or this helpless in many … Continue reading

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