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Well, that’s it then

The leftist have finally admitted that they hate the concept of Democracy. Treasonous House Republicans Find Despicable New Ways To Define Chaos A grave question must now be asked in the wake of a Republican meltdown in the House of … Continue reading

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Let Us See

The last daily Seattle newspaper still in print, the Seattle Times, published the entirety of a Washington Ceasefire press release on Sunday. One of the items the Times has been noted for in the past has been their dogged clinging … Continue reading

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A Triple Doublecross

Upon watching Karl Rove rail against the absurdity that is the upcoming Rather/Mapes tongue bath otherwise known in the cinematic arena as “Truth”, the leftosphere has a new excuse for the bad journalism. It’s Karl Rove’s fault. That’s pretty rich … Continue reading

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Talk about a clown show

The left likes to mock the show of democracy in action that is the Republican Presidential Primaries* by labeling it as a “clown car” or “clown show”. What they refuse to see is that their small field is mostly older … Continue reading

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I think I like this idea a little bit

E.J. Dionne puts forward an idea which, I’m sure, he hopes the President will hear The time has come to recast this battle as a fight to hold those who make billions of dollars from the sale of firearms accountable … Continue reading

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There Is No Diversity Crisis in Tech

…but we can’t say that!

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A Message

To Kanye West, who claims he is being discriminated against in the fashion industry because he is a heterosexual. Of course, it is the same thing I’d tell him if he asked me for the time of day.

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I would almost consider it a service

Except he’s doing for “the message”. Father on Facebook destroys firearms after Oregon shooting It appears that he cut up a Ruger P89. A noble idea. I’d like to know how long he has owned it and got get his … Continue reading

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Not Helping

There is an analogy about opinions and assholes. I can think of a couple different ways to apply it to Mark Carman. And….. I’d give a countdown to OK Corral comparisons, but the left have already started making them because … Continue reading

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I did not know about these

Just like how they don’t understand that raising the minimum wage makes it harder for low income individuals and families to feed themselves, they apparently also want them more likely to be unable to arm themselves. Both sides in a … Continue reading

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