Talk about a clown show

The left likes to mock the show of democracy in action that is the Republican Presidential Primaries* by labeling it as a “clown car” or “clown show”. What they refuse to see is that their small field is mostly older and whiter than both the model of diversity they prefer to put forward and than that of the Republican Party.

Also, they don’t recognize that a bunch of pandering nincompoops offering innumerable gift items to the Free Shit Army might be a bad thing. They believe that Candidate Clinton’s tendency to pull levers of power known only to someone of her “experience” and her ability to shamelessly pander are good things. They are proud of Candidate Sanders’ declaration of being a proud Democratic Socialist is wonderful. They don’t understand that Joe Biden getting into the show would mean he would have to run on Preisdent Obama’s record.

It’s as though, as a group, they don’t understand what it would take to make a good Chief Executive. Imagine that.

Which is why, when I settle into watch the Democrat Party’s first “debate” tonight, I’ll be really only seriously listening to one person speak.

The wild card at the Democratic debate could be the guy no one’s talking about

*The Stupid Party is acting a bit foolish, but that is mostly media spin. However, I can only think of two Republican candidates I would vote for in the General Election: Paul and Fiorina. I would listen to Rubio and Jindal, but they had better sing sweetly. Otherwise, if the Dems somehow found a snuff can full of sense and nominated Webb, I might be swayed to do something I haven’t done in 24 years.

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  1. Rolf says:

    While I agree that Fiorina might be in the top half of the clown-car, I don’t think she’s anywhere near scary enough to hold any of our international enemies at bay, and she’ll get rolled on domestic stuff. I like Paul in a lot of ways, but he’s too much of an idealist to be effective internationally. I don’t like any of the crowd. But almost all of them would be better than any of the Dems.

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