A Triple Doublecross

Upon watching Karl Rove rail against the absurdity that is the upcoming Rather/Mapes tongue bath otherwise known in the cinematic arena as “Truth”, the leftosphere has a new excuse for the bad journalism.

It’s Karl Rove’s fault.

That’s pretty rich coming from one of the slimiest political operatives of our time, working for one of the worst right wing propaganda outlets of our generation. It would not surprise me one iota to find out that Rove had something to do with those documents sent over to CBS.

The right wing was ready to pounce on them immediately, as though they knew they were coming, and as was pointed out at the time, those documents didn’t change the fact that the underlying premise of their reporting about Bush being AWOL from Guard duty was true. It was an all too convenient distraction which just happened to serve the purpose of giving the right an excuse to discredit the entire story.

They’ll just never stop with that guy. Yeah, he’s oozing more goo than Slimer from the Ghostbuster’s franchise, but ‘ol Turd Blossom was/is definitely not the “all-knowing, all-seeing” evil freak of nature they like to portray him as.

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  1. Ragin' Dave says:

    Karl Rove hasn’t influenced an election since 2004, and I’d argue that the Democrats picking a backstabbing traitorous piece of commie-loving shit to be their nominee had more to do with Bush winning than anything Rove did. Rove has spent more time attacking Conservatives in the past few elections than actually doing any good. If I see Karl Rove stumping for my guy, I’m dumping my guy. That’s what a worthless asshole Karl Rove is.

    He’s the Democrat’s best friend, and they don’t even know it.

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