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California Senate Votes to Open Up Obamacare to 2.5 Million Illegal Residents

State Senator Richard Lara has already moved a bill through the California State Senate that would allow illegal immigrants to buy unsubsidized health insurance in the state’s Obamacare exchange. The state would have to receive a federal waiver from the Obama administration before implementing it.

The bill would also extend coverage to illegal residents under the age of 19 to enroll in California’s fully paid-for Medicaid program.

The Pew Research Center has estimated that there are 2.5 million illegal immigrants in California.

Got to cross that one big item off their bucket list before they kick it, I guess?

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3 Responses to Supercharging

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    The really DO want to wreck the economy, don’t they?

  2. Scott says:

    So Joe Wilson was right in 2009? Who would have thunk.

  3. rusty muskets says:

    OK now I understand California has a massive budget shortfall- like what 50 billion and now they are going to expand health care benefits to illegals so my question is this, how are they going to pay for this? Oh now I see, the taxpayers of the other 49 states get to pick up the tab in the form of what higher insurance premiums? or just increased taxes?
    Geee I thought I did not understand California…..

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