Your Daily Dose of IQ Poison

Is this article from UC.

If you can make it past the first paragraph without openly weeping or your head exploding, you are a better person than I.

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6 Responses to Your Daily Dose of IQ Poison

  1. formerly dfwmtx says:

    My head didn’t explode at this, but there was some face-palming.

    To bitch about the lack of inclusivity without offering additions/alternatives to the course is 101 entry-level whining. These people can’t even offer forth Confucius as an Asian philosopher on social theory that should be included in the syllabus, probably because he wasn’t mentioned in Monty Python’s “Bruces’ Philosophers Song”. They demand teaching of female philosophers, philosophers of color, and philosophers who are LGTBBQWTF? (funny, I thought Michel Foucault was gay), but offer not a single name of whom should be taught. Fail.

    And you get a case of micro-aggression when your outrage du jour (Ferguson) wasn’t brought up in class by the professor. Maybe you should have spoken up and made some kind of comment, tried to introduce it into class discussion. Trust me, the prof would’ve loved it if you did that. Fail #2.

  2. Rolf says:

    What the author is saying is that he cares more about the color of the philosopher’s skin, and whether they have internal or external plumbing, more than the contents of their minds and character. He satirizes himself, but isn’t smart enough to realize it… but the commenters are.

  3. Merle says:

    I didn’t quite get half way through the first paragraph…..
    My gag factor is pretty low these days!


  4. SouthPawByNW says:

    Maybe if they concerned themselves with “occupying” a class of study that will provide them a decent education AND the ability to find meaningful employment after graduation they wouldn’t get so wound up all the time. Just a thought.

  5. dustydog says:

    He’s actually on to something. The mandatory Philosophy 101 class should teach what happened to the intellectual classes in Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia et al. after the communists took over. The class should belabor the concept of useful idiot. Start by teaching them the real world consequences of being communist totaltarian SJWs, before giving them any theory.

    The first paper should present a choice of real life historical cases, with the student either defending the use of violence, or explaining how the situation could have been resolved without violence.

    The second paper should be poking holes in the argument of anyone who claimed the Nazis just needed more appeasement, or how the Greeks could have stopped the army of Xerxes without fighting, or why genocide is ok.

  6. Rick T says:

    Well, the latest round of comments (and they are up over 440 now) are uniformly negative, so there appears to be some hope…

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