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Colt is talking about moving their manufacturing facility to the Right-To-Work state of Florida. Leftists do not blame the laws of economics. Nor do they blame the laws of reality. They blame congressional Republicans. As I said in my comment … Continue reading

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You’d think

That we’d have figured out that we don’t have the money for this. Apparently no one in government has Thanks to a $374,000 taxpayer-funded grant, we now know that inhaling lemon and lavender scents doesn’t do a lot for our … Continue reading

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Please remove all throw-able objects from your immediate reach. This video represents all the ideas which are wrong in the confines of what we know as our current administration. Do be warned, it is Michael Moore interviewing Chris Hedges. You … Continue reading

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Of course he does

He’s a Democrat New Haven, CT. Mayor asks state to allow non-citizens to vote New Haven Mayor John DeStefano plans to ask the state Legislature to allow illegal immigrants who live in the city to be able vote in municipal … Continue reading

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I’m not seeing it

Sorry, but I can’t get outraged over a Pepsi can. Methinks that some folks are seeing something that’s not there.

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Mourn for Prague

Vaclav Havel has died The flags at RNS fly at half-staff for this fellow. Oh, and some POS murderous bastard dictator choked to death on his own vomit last night too. He’ll be the one you’ll hear about because Clinton … Continue reading

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