Colt is talking about moving their manufacturing facility to the Right-To-Work state of Florida.

Leftists do not blame the laws of economics. Nor do they blame the laws of reality.

They blame congressional Republicans.

As I said in my comment over there, some of us have been around long enough to remember when the UAW took over at Colt and prices went up while quality went down until Colt had to step back from the civilian market because they were getting their lunch eaten by the competition.


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  1. Bram says:

    I wish they had taken a step back from the military market too. I remember being able to distinguish the Colt M16A2’s in our arms locker from those made by FN and others by feel. The loose fitting parts and general shoddiness of the Colts was obvious as soon as you picked them up.

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  3. bob r says:

    I left this at the linked site but don’t “trust” them to publish it:

    “Boeing did not *move* a plant to South Carolina. They did however *build* a new one there. The factories in Renton and Everett Washington are still building airplanes as fast as the customers will take them. In case you have not heard: the backlog (of undelivered planes) is large and sales are making records.”

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