Thank you, Reason.TV

Set 20 minutes aside and watch Peter Schiff hand the FleaParty freaks their asses. Repeatedly.

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  1. Lyle says:

    No one bothered to try to define capitalism, really. The closest Schiff came was, “privatized losses and privatized profits– not privatized profits and socialized losses.”

    The ignorance on parade there is astonishing– repetition of drivel that we’ve heard all our lives, as if they had thought of it themselves just then– as if we’d never heard it before, or as if the ten millionth repetition, said with enough passion or enough volume, will finally get it into our heads.

    Among all that ignorance a very basic, 99 level definition of capitalism is in order. I noted, with some frustration, that he asked, “Who has Wal Mart hurt?” No, Little Grasshopper. The question is; “Whose rights did Wal Mart violate?”

    You can’t really communicate much with the level of ignorance on parade at OWS. One or two quick zingers is all you can hope to get through. “Whose rights did Wal Mart violate?” is one that I’ve used before, and it stopped a Hammer & Sickle tee shirt-wearing communist in his tracks. He’d never thought about that before.

    Schiff handed them their asses only in our estimation. Most of the OWS protestors thought they’d handed Schiff his ass. That’s what’s coming out of our institutions of higher learning. These ignoramuses are the people the left needs to maintain its power.

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