Just because they act like children

Not everyone was happy with my “Watering the Hippies” meme from last week.

So, I’d like to just point out a couple items before things get warmed up:

First of all, for those who haven’t been paying attention, this “sit and lock arms and refuse to be moved” tactic is exactly that: A Tactic. It has become SOP for the professional protesting left because it gets headlines. They either get pepper sprayed and complain about it or get separated by officers and complain about it. Think of it as martyrdom for socialists.

Other tactics include “getting arrested”.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that the organizers have lists of those who are supposed to be arrested at that particular protest. You’ll also be able to notice that just because the protesters are seen walking away with their hands behind their backs does not mean they have been handcuffed. They’ve just been trained to do that.

Secondly, this was a large group protest. You are seeing about 25% of the total number of protesters in the video all over the TV. The line is actually a circle. Around the building. These protesters are blocking public access to public property on a public walkway. The police attempted to separate the protesters by hand and epic failed at that. Too many protesters and not enough police. This particular group had a “leader”, and that leader agreed to let his group be pepper sprayed. See this video

He could have disbanded his protest or at least warned the group the spray was coming and that those who didn’t want to get sprayed should leave. Instead he gave the OK and everyone was left to fend for themselves.

Third, when used on a crowd, pepper spray is not a “weapon”, it is a compliance tool. It works like fucking WD40 for childish protest tactics. The effects wear off rather quickly. Watch the video and see some of the childish protesters less than an hour later.

You’d think that if they’d actually been in “excruciating” pain, they wouldn’t be smiling about it shortly afterwards. They can do that because the organizers have set up pepper spray washing stations nearby. Usually, just outside camera shot.

Fourth, THESE ARE NOT CHILDREN. For fucks sake, people. These are no more “children” or “kids” than the gangbangers the CDC and Brady Bunch use in their statistics. These are full grown, adult human beings. Capable of making their own decisions as to their actions.

While I do feel sorry that no one seems to have taught them that actions have consequences, that is not my goddam fault. Sometimes the consequence to acting like a child when you’re an adult is pepper spray. Get over it.

Fifth, While this was not explicitly a #OWS or Fleabagger protest, it was the same bunch from the FSA (Free Shit Army) that attends the #OWS camps. They want more government and, well, they got it.

There are already calls coming from the Fleabaggers to have CS, pepper spray and all other compliance tools banned from college campuses. Doesn’t that sound like a fun time!?! They are equating it with “torture”. Here we go again. You should have seen some of my waterboarding discussions. They usually ended about the time I gave them the number to a local private club where they could pay to have a very leatherclad person (male/female, their choice) waterboard them. For some reason they would huff and walk away. I’m going to check and see about pepper spray at the club. I doubt it would be a problem. I’ve seen the gas masks used for other things.

Now, a review: Just because they act like children does not mean they actually are children. No one was harmed by the use of pepper spray at this protest. They are only being given what they asked for. They will do this again in the hope that more people will fall for the fake media outrage. This is actually NOT the coming of “the police state”. If you believe that it is, you’re about 20 years too late. Welcome to the party. No, I’m actually not worried about being pepper sprayed by police when it comes my turn to protest for my “cause”. I’m not going to be protesting sitting down like a child who refuses to move.

Enjoy your day. Also, enjoy the meme.

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6 Responses to Just because they act like children

  1. Rivrdog says:

    The last paragraph “now, a review”. Word. These snivelers aren’t preparing for the day when the protests turn from pepper spray compliance to full-lethal. That happens almost everywhere else in the world where the marxists decide to take their whacky religion to the streets. It could happen here.

    You and I sit on the sidelines, watching for signs that a full-lethal mentality might be gaining acceptance in the marxist crowd. When it does, we’re ready. The protesters should be reviewing video of the Serbian civil war of the late 80’s, early 90’s. When the dragunovs are the compliance tool of choice, methinks our merry band of wannabe marxists wouldn’t be up to the challenge.

  2. dustydog says:

    The university is throwing those cops to the wolves. They will lose their jobs, and lose the coming civil suits, and have their lives ruined. As it should be. Accepting the badge means being a responsible authority.

    The OWS protestors squabbles with the host cities & universities are essentially domestic disturbances. “My husband was mean to me, arrest him. No, I don’t want to file a criminal complaint. I’m not sure what I want.” When a man and woman are going at it at home, the police should not get sucked into the drama. For these OWS protests, the cops willingly stepped into the drama between the school and the protests.

    The school didn’t threaten to expel anyone, no one got expelled after the fact. The school didn’t press any criminal charges. In short, the school expressed no actual interest in having the law enforced. The police saw an opportunity to practice their tactics against soft targets, and they took the opportunity. Now, the police will be punished by the local courts for not exercising better judgement.

  3. kermit says:

    Dusty, it is not necessarily the victims’ prerogative to “press charges.” In many cases the state has an obligation to act regardless of whether or not the victim chooses to cooperate. In this case, the university does not have the option to choose whether or not to allow public facilities to be taken over or shut down by criminal activity.

    This applies to your domestic violence analogy as well.

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    Like I said at Robb’s (WhoNeverAcknowledgesOrLinks), there are Good Cops and Bad Cops, and there are Good People and Bad People — and POLITICAL People.
    The OWS people mostly just happen to be dumb and easily manipulated students, and affluent shock-troop of BA-grubbing goobers who’s world-vision barely escapes the confines of fifteen years of public-school indoctrination, let alone their haircut.
    They are organized and run by some pretty determined and well-funded folks, people who know and have studied how police work and react, and who have CHOSEN certain tactics to get attention and knee-jerk SUPPORT. it’s not such an ad-hoc free-for-all, how-did-we-get-here, kinda potsmoking thing as it appears and is made to appear by it’s supporters in the MEDIA and the Administration.
    The only victims here are the people who are forced to constantly watch it on TV as the media drumbeat goes out, gathering and adjusting public opinion for The Narrative.

  5. dfwmtx says:

    Similar to Islamic terrorism, they want martyrs for their cause. The major difference is that no one in OWS wants to blow themselves up. Instead getting beaten up by the cops will suffice.

  6. Kirk says:

    Welcome to the “I got a trophy for showing up” generation. So used to getting everything given to them. Now that they are out of college and have been introduced to the real world they have found that nothing is free.

    Like the children they are they lie down and kick their feet like a 3 year old. Hope they like the new hippy perfume that they will be wearing frequently…

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