The Soundboard: Pushing 40 Hertz ‘Til It Hurts (Continued)

In last week’s Soundboard, I put up tunage by a mystery artist and asked y’all if you could guess the who.

CAShane got two of the three in correctly naming Biz Markie and Mos Def as the two vox artists on the tune. The third artist on the track is known as Towa Tei (aka TT and Jungle DJ Towa Towa).

Towa is an out and out electronica freak/master DJ. He was the one who put the groove in the 1990 smash “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite with Lady Miss Kier and Super DJ Dmitri.

His albums after the separation of Deee-Lite have been things of musical genius. He has collaborated with just about anyone who is anyone in the business and turned out too many great tunes to name. Last week’s tune was off his 1997 album ‘Sound Museum’ which was a somewhat subdued follow-up to the Bengali and Brazillian influenced 1995 release, ‘Future Listening’.

Today’s tunage comes from the remix album ‘Stupid Fresh’ the title of which describes the album quite correctly. I have to watch my listening of this album, lest it stay in the CD player for too long and my mental state go all tweaky.

So here we go:

BMT – The Dream Team Remix

(BTW – for those who have asked in email but I haven’t gotten back to yet; 40 Hertz is a aural frequency on the low side of the spectrum. Not the lowest one, but one of my favorites, nonetheless. If, like any other frequency, you push 40Hz hard enough, you will suffer damage, and songs posted under this title can cause mild pain when listened to at proper volumes, so be careful.)

(Also, yesterday I posted up a study about “Why Women Make Love”. If they would have asked me, 40Hz would have been one of my Top 5 answers.)

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One Response to The Soundboard: Pushing 40 Hertz ‘Til It Hurts (Continued)

  1. Aaron Neal says:

    Dang it AK… you’re better at causing things to fall off my desk than my (appropriately-named) cat Rascal!

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