Lawsuit Bait

I thought it was established law that government couldn’t do this

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to require gun owners to store their firearms in locked containers or install trigger locks when not using them.

Under the ordinance, handguns will need to be disabled and kept on the owner’s person or within close enough proximity that it is in the owner’s control.

So, it’s either on your hip or disabled.

Yeah, so I guess that Heller didn’t happen and doesn’t apply in CA according to the L.A. City Council.

A violation will be a misdemeanor. Officials say there won’t be patrols checking homes to make sure the law is being obeyed, and they admit it will be difficult to know until after an incident occurs.

They passed an unenforceable law that the people who use guns in crimes won’t obey. And if they do catch a criminal, in their home, with a firearm that is not disabled or locked away, it will be the first charge to be tossed (if it is brought up against them at all).

But no, they don’t want to punish law-abiding citizens at all.

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3 Responses to Lawsuit Bait

  1. Rufus says:

    You have to understand the way the left is handling the “gun problem”. They’re using the same tactics they used against cigarettes, namely making smoking, or owning a gun, involve more and more tedious hassles, paperwork and a web of rules while applying societal pressure. I remember commenting to a very intelligent engineer of my acquaintance on the shoddy “second had smoke” studies. His response was that he didn’t care because he personally didn’t want to smell their *&*%% smoke. Similarly, more and as more people become afraid of guns and gun owners – thanks to media – they simply won’t want people who own them in their neighborhoods and will do anything they can to harass them out.

  2. dagamore says:

    Yep it looks like they want to re-argue Heller, like you stated, but the USSC has already said they will not do that, so I feel that this new law will be challenged, and it will get to the USSC, and the USSC will do the same thing they are doing with DC, and Chicago, and tell them to stop trying to fuck with the 2A, at least in those limited protected cases.

  3. Merle Morrison says:

    Just another reason I left CA.


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