This might be a new record

Somebody needs some range time.

An attempted murder suspect who fired at New York police was apprehended only after police engaged him in a gun fight, firing a barrage of bullets.

Of the 84 total shots cops fired, one struck the suspect.

OK, a bunch of somebody’s need a lot of range time.

I’ll just save this link for the next yahoo who says that only the constabulary has the training needed to use a firearm effectively.

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  1. Guy says:

    I know this seems like more rounds than needed. Ever shot in a big built up area. Not Iraq, Afganistan or most of America. An area with BIG buildings that cast long shadows and have dark places that conventional night vision (note: not IR) can penetrate and a lll you have is the eyes God has given you. Actually pretty good normally, your eyes.
    Then you have some fool being a danger to everyone.
    Kinda not hard to be rattled.

    Actually feel bad for the cops. Made them look bad when maybe it should not have. I would not want a job chasing violent scumbags in a surgical suite with all the lighting a person could want.

    Maybe I am wrong but I am going to give them benefit of the doubt.

    P.S. Love your blog. You are outstanding!

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