This Week’s “Smiling Face of Fascism”

Remember this face. He wants to prosecute people who don’t believe in the same things he does.

Whitehouse-062609-18447- 0005

Whitehouse-062609-18447- 0005



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5 Responses to This Week’s “Smiling Face of Fascism”

  1. Merle says:

    A nice new rope would solve this problem!


  2. Paul says:

    You nailed it, he has the look,but I would use a dirty rope he does not rate a new rope.
    He doe not to move to Cuba asap

  3. Paul says:

    You nailed it, he has the look,but I would use a dirty rope he does not rate a new rope.
    He needs to move to Cuba asap

  4. Merle says:

    Well, I’m still in favor of a new rope, as it is scratchy as hell and not likely to break!


  5. Defens says:

    How about a bit o’ Rico for the other side? All the foundation dollars pouring into universities for research that’s intended from the start to be skewed towards anthropogenic global warming?

    I attended a keynote lecture at a noted birding conference a few weeks ago. The lecturer was a noted ornithologist from Cornell. The whole talk was a whiny, pseudoscientific affair about “doing something” – although what it was we were supposed to do, other than flap our arms, was never suggested. The telling point was that said ornithologist was deriding her fellow liberal scientists about their apathy in the face that they “knew” that global warming (or climate change, or whatever….) was human caused, but they denied the coming [undefined] catastrophe. Even their lone Republican colleague didn’t want to get on the bandwagon.

    The interesting thing about this lecture was that the birders in attendance were not taken in by this spiel. Most were entirely turned off. Maybe it was about the venue and the topic (perhaps the assembled birders wanted to hear about, oh, I don’t know, maybe BIRDS?) But most of the muttering I heard was related to the fact that the ornithologist was way out of her league. Which is often the case with the global warming crew – researchers with impressive credentials in their own field (microbiology, astrophysics) start mucking about in areas where they have zero expertise, yet they are somehow given credence. A version of the “argument from authority” logical fallacy.

    With the amount of funding being poured into academia to prove global warming, you’d think that we’d have some reasonable working hypotheses out by now, and maybe some better solutions than ridiculous “carbon credits” notions – which appear to have been invented so that rich liberals can profit off yet another concocted environmental crisis.

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