Because it has served so well

In getting Democrats elected.

California May Copy Colorado, Oregon and Washington with All-Mail Election System

California could become the fourth state to mail all registered voters a ballot ahead of Election Day if Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s wishes are granted.

On Wednesday, Padilla and a handful of Democratic California lawmakers announced a state Senate bill that would create a system in which the government mails ballots to all voters and allows them to mail them back or drop them off at an early voting center in the 10 days before the election. Voters would be allowed to return their ballot to any early voting center in their county, in contrast to strict precinct systems used in other states.

“California ranked 43rd in voter turnout nationally for the 2014 General Election. This problem cannot be ignored,” Padilla, a Democrat, said in a statement accompanying the bill’s announcement. “SB 450 would provide citizens more options for when, where and how they vote. Providing more options will help more citizens vote, despite our often busy lives.”

While I will not knock the convenience of mail-in ballot system, I can sit at my table with the voter guide on a Sunday morning and mail it the next day, it is also convenient for those who wish to commit fraud.

But I guess that they’ve gotten all the fraudsters out of California, right?

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3 Responses to Because it has served so well

  1. Merle says:

    We all know what a paradise California has become, so why would anyone doubt them – or their motives? 🙂


  2. eriko says:

    I would like there to be two yearly voting holidays where most business close for the day or have to hire vote busses to come to the job site. Do the finger dip in ink to prove you can and did vote.

  3. Eric Wilner says:

    One thing that doesn’t seem to get any attention about these outside-the-booth voting schemes: the ballot is no longer secret!
    Oh, sure, there may be procedures in place to keep government officials from matching ballots up with voters… but there’s nothing to keep you from showing your marked ballot to your spouse, your boss, the shop steward, and the guy who promised you $20 if you voted for Cowznofski.
    So say hello to family and workplace voter intimidation, and vote selling!

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