At least this guy

Was of the correct race to be shot by the police.

Kentucky Sheriff On Shooting In County “We Are Just Glad The Victim Is White… We Don’t Want Any Backlash”

The guy was a dirt bag and wholly deserved his fate. But try to imagine if the criminal wasn’t a white guy.

Three wrecked police cars, two officers of the law discharging their firearms in two different locations.

Al Sharpton would have been claiming that the officer and the deputies involved were hunting him down for doing nothing.

Here is the video of the entire press conference with an explanation of the facts.

And here is a post wherein the staff and editor are trying their damnedest to be offended at something else the Sheriff said, because they have to be victims of something I suppose.

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  1. guy says:

    “We Don’t Want Any Backlash”

    Which meaans whites are going to have to learn to do ‘backlash’ and quickly.

    Like Kate at smalldeadanimals says, “Not showing up to riot is a failed conservative policy.”

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