Everyone in Oregon will be forced to live in a cave

Under the order of the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon.

At least, if the eco-socialists and their brainwashed minions have their way

Youth Win Reversal In Critical Climate Recovery Case

In a nationally significant decision in the case Chernaik v. Kitzhaber, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled a trial court must decide whether the atmosphere is a public trust resource that the state of Oregon, as a trustee, has a duty to protect. Two youth plaintiffs were initially told they could not bring the case by the Lane County Circuit Court. The trial court had ruled that climate change should be left only to the legislative and executive branches. Today, the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned that decision.

Two teenagers from Eugene, Kelsey Juliana and Olivia Chernaik, filed the climate change lawsuit against Governor Kitzhaber and the State of Oregon for failing to protect essential natural resources, including the atmosphere, state waters, and coast lines, as required under the public trust doctrine. Their lawsuit asked the State to take action in restoring the atmosphere to 350 ppm of CO2 by the end of the century. The Oregon Court of Appeals rejected the defenses raised by the State, finding that the youth could obtain meaningful judicial relief in this case.

And because the world population is over 7,000,000,000, with the state of Oregon only containing 3,900,000 of those people, the state’s actions will merit exactly zero net effect.

Hence, they will have to order all industrial, commercial and residential activity to cease. Residents of the state will be allowed to exist, provided they move into a cave that is not currently occupied by wildlife. The only other option will be to emulate Professor Dumpster.

Enjoy that, Oregonians. You can move north or south. You could also move East, but since so few of you do so currently, I think that most will choose the up or down path.

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4 Responses to Everyone in Oregon will be forced to live in a cave

  1. Rolf says:

    On the one hand, the air is a public resource; you can’t build an emissions-scrubber-free lead smelter upwind from my house and not expect to get sued. On the other hand, there is a level of stupid in trying to regulate naturally occurring and fluctuating levels of essential ingredients that is mind numbing. I hope the court gets the science right (but this being Oregon there is no guarantee of that) and slaps the ship out of these morons, preferably by saying something like “OK, YOU hold your breath, starting NOW, to limit state emissions. You may exhale when you leave the state.”

  2. Sulaco says:

    A statist totalitarian state with a large percentage of the population in tune with that philosophy. Build a fence around the state (and CA and NY and NJ) and let them starve in the dark. We can not cure this disease, we must contain it by any means.

  3. Kristophr says:

    Sulaco: They don’t get three states. They don’t get one state.

    If they want their own socialist heaven, they can build it in Antarctica.

  4. rusty muskets says:

    while I read this I am struck by two items; first the teenagers who filed the suit who have been doing nothing for the term of their existence but using air and taking up space should have had this shoved back in their face until such time as they have contributed in some small way to the development of society. Secondly, the completely ignorant justices who have basically said that the air that floats over the Pacific ocean from China and India is a state concern. Can one say “dumb and dumber” Ok Oregon move California or Washington or wherever this opinion rates right there with the search for bigfoot.

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