These guys are such slave drivers

It is no wonder that the left hates them.

McDonald’s suspends work in Crimea
McDonald’s has suspended work at its in Crimea for “manufacturing reasons”, the U.S. fast food chain said on Friday, the second international company to cease operations this week on the peninsula annexed by Russia.

Crimea’s hasty unification with Russia, which Ukraine and the West do not acknowledge, has worried companies with assets in the Black Sea region as it is unclear how the change may impact business.

It always about business with these guys. The “bottom line” and all that. Those bastards.

Oh wait.

“The company has provided an opportunity to all employees … to transfer to any other McDonald’s restaurants in Ukraine preserving their positions, salaries and fees and paying to relocate employees and their families,” it said in a statement.

The left cannot enjoy capitalism because it doesn’t understand it. That, and to be honest, they really have nothing anyone wants to pay for. Because hate and disappointment are not marketable to sane people..

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