Incentives Matter

Despite my very liberal tendencies, the details in this article are exactly why I tend to butt heads with liberals by and large.  I understand the desire to help those less fortunate, and to prevent innocent kids from falling into the cycle of poverty.  I get that, I really do.

But, as us libertarian types tend to say, you have to help people with the hand up, not the hand out.

The author of the piece laments that in Watts (of LA), it is easier to get assistance if you are young, female, & pregnant than it is to get help if you are young, female, and wanting to go to college.

I can’t imagine the incentives that brings into play.  Actually, yes I can.

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2 Responses to Incentives Matter

  1. ZZMike says:

    There are those who live to vote, and there are those who vote to live.

  2. me says:

    There was a time in this country where people who were “young, female, and pregnant” who went about with their hands out, making demands about what they thought they were “entitled” to didn’t get a hand up or a hand out. They got the back of the hand.

    Amazingly, we didn’t see a whole lot of that kind of behavior then. But now, getting knocked up at thirteen is a way to win cash and prizes.

    When government taxes it, we see less of it. When government rewards it, we see more of it.

    It was predictable. It was predicted. It was planned. This is the future.

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