Floor Mount

What do you get when you put me in a fully equipped welding fabrication shop and give me something like this pile of scrap?

20140317_162800a click to enlarge

Besides my wife looking at me sideways for a few days wondering what the hell I’m up to putting this crap in the back yard, you get this

20140318_205606a click to enlarge

The chain around the edge and the center piece are from a transfer case. The center piece is actually a planetary gear, and because the chain is welded to the edge and the rest of the parts are welded to the chain and not the part, the top spins.

Sadly, this one has to go to the school to auction off for their scholarship foundation. But I’ll be making more to “supplement” my student-level income.

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11 Responses to Floor Mount

  1. LibertyNews says:

    Nice job!

  2. tkdkerry says:


  3. Jay Ater says:


    Most folks could not understand the amount of fiddling around it takes to get something like that together and I applaud your efforts.

    The added bonus of it being for charity is icing on the cake.

  4. guy says:

    Do you have a picture of the underside?

  5. CAshane says:

    That’s sweet. You got an older NP242 in that mix? I need the housing that sits under the tailcone so i can complete my SYE upgrade.

  6. Phil says:

    Thanks all. I’m very appreciative of the support.

    Guy, I don’t. It’s a web of MIG tack welds, if you’re wondering. I’m still learning, so I think it looks like hell. The guys in class say it looks good.

    Shane, I’ll look. I think I actually may. Not sure what condition it is in. I’ll get back to you as I get to tearing the remainder of the pile apart. If you have a pic or a schematic, that’ll help me with the ID of the piece.

  7. Kristophr says:

    An glass top would make a good neat usable table out of it.

  8. Don says:

    Wow, that looks amazing.

    Well done.

  9. Kirk says:

    Nice. I think a clear epoxy resin poured in the top would set that off…


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