Dude Needs to Get Laid

How many evil geniuses were created because their high school dry spell extended past college? Here, I suspect, is one:

Many people mistakenly think that creating a smarter than human AI, that will ultimately destroy all other life on earth is wrong.  They have a very distorted sense of morality….

An AI he appears to be attempting to develop. Why?

…The only way we can truly eliminate human suffering is to eliminate humans and create a super-intelligent watcher system that ensures that they never again evolve back into existence.

Well, that’s actually noble in an Olaf Stapledon sense, and I love me some Stapledon. But say, what’s the real reason?

In school, we are looking forward to college.  We are told there will be parties, girls, friends and tons of fun in these places.  We are let down when we get to college as all of these things are simply myths to keep us on the tread mill.  In college we are told that after we get out we will land a cushy job that we love, find a loving wife, start a family and live happily ever after.  The nightmare we enter into is very far from this picture perfect fantasy.  In one way or another we find out that women are in fact parasites.  Genetics studies show that historically 80% of women have reproduced while only 40% of men have.  …After realizing this you become quite mad at the world for not letting you know earlier, of giving you false hope for an impossibility…..

Parasites, eh? False hope for an impossibility? I’m reminded of Twins:

Vincent: You do like women?

Julius: Very much so. They’re strange and sensitive. They have compassion. I have the highest respect for women.

Vincent: You’re a virgin!

Hell, I feel for the guy. We’ve all been there at one point or another in our frustrated youth, I suppose. Nevertheless, it seems clear to me that this fellow’s thought pattern is a hint of our future. Extrapolate: others have made the argument that hordes of angry young men in the Middle East are willing to kill people precisely because of the disparity between their porn-fueled sexual aspirations and the disappointments of reality. When does that start happening here on a large scale? Has it already?

Now, I personally think the explosion of available porn is a wonderful thing for humanity, and while I also cheer the potential for what I believe is a polygamous near-future for the United States, that’s because of what I hope would be my personal benefit, not society’s. And the sorry fact is that under such a reality there will be some men with multiple sexual partners, and lots more men with none than is the case today. And I fear what comes from the tremendous pent-up tension, energy of a society with a mass of sexually unsatisfied, enraged, and envious young men. Particularly if one or more of them are capable of creating a malevolent AI.

I’m not kidding. Somebody get that guy a hooker, stat.


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6 Responses to Dude Needs to Get Laid

  1. Rivrdog says:

    “And I fear what comes from the tremendous pent-up tension, energy of a society with a mass of sexually unsatisfied, enraged, and envious young men.”

    That, sir, is called War.

  2. Rolf says:

    The middle east and Islam – rampant porn, sex-selective abortions favoring boys, polygamy with up to four wives, a religion promising lots of sex in the afterlife, few jobs, tribalism, a culture that has an external locus of control rather than internal (i.e., a person isn’t responsible for their own actions, it’s God’s will, fate, whatever; no free choice and individual responsibility), and you have a witches brew for disaffected young men with no self-control and LOTS of stimulation. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    Morality is a propositional goal statement with an evolved sense of empathy as it’s primary motivation. This evolved sense of empathy helped us form cohesive groups during tribal times. Essentially morality is akin to masturbation.
    I’d say he’s familiar with one and not the other – and with writing utter crap. Subject, object, verb. Morality doesn’t have an “it’s” to it. And he missed the part in the lecture about the Invisible hand and Market forces – not morality – that guide and shape relationships. Morality is firstly an inter-family matter (Adam-Eve=Apple, Cain-Able=Mortality), then externalized as a group dynamic on the tribal level. If he sees it as a “part of a subjective experience” then he’s really missing a huge component of what we call “reality” and the rest of that sentence It literally will not exist after we have ceased to exist. is pure sophistry.

  4. Tam says:

    Did I read that link right? Mass shooters are caused because bitches won’t give it up? Seriously?

  5. Windy Wilson says:

    I think that 40% of men statistic is either completely bogus or inflated because of pre-1970 data.
    Elsewhere on the internet someone (not the Heartiste) blogs that women’s liberation primarily benefits only the most successful of men who are able to hook up with a greater percentage of women than they would have if women had to “settle” for less than the best, thus putting ever greater percentages of men into the bachelor bull herd.

    Tam, according to the Freudians (almost 100% co-terminous with the Progressives), EVERYTHING is about sex or toilet training, which explains modern art, performance art, and what Joe Huffman calls Markley’s Law. If art is about toilet training, and guns are about genitals, then it is entirely reasonable that murders are about sex, or the lack thereof.

  6. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Heh, I wondered if anybody’d catch that. Although I’d say the idea is not that women aren’t giving it up, but rather that these losers can’t get any, which is an entirely different concept.

    And although I doubt anybody seriously believes sexual frustration is a single causal factor in mass killings, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it actually played a role in the killers’ self-alienation from the world, if only because of the surprisingly vicious snarlings I recall hearing from the mouths of some geeky perpetual virgins in high school and college when they felt they were in safe company.

    Riffing off that, here’s a half-baked train of thought I’ve been kicking around for a while:

    a) It’s long-established political-science theory that revolutions are often triggered not by a society having reached a certain level of actual suffering, but rather by its perception of relative deprivation, especially in a period when conditions are actually getting better for everyone (it just seems less so for you than for others).

    b) Assume sexual envy/frustration is a factor that can combine with many others, such as religious fervor, to help push a young man into jihad/mass killing. Given that assumption, does the mass availability of porn for young men (Joe Huffman’s “Destroy Their Culture” concept) tend to defuse or enhance sexual frustration? Relative-deprivation theory might indicate that pervasive porn would make a sexual loser even more resentful of his virginity. Conversely, in Japan this generation of young men seems perfectly satisfied with porn instead of actual sex.

    Of course, all this rumination really proves is that viewing any topic through a single lens results in a really distorted vision of your subject. Told you it was half-baked. Sigh.

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