The Latest in Victimology

Occupy Montreal had the flush chain pulled on them last Friday. While being “processed”, the Montreal constabulary used an old nightclub trick of writing on the backs of the fleabagger hands with unltraviolet ink in order to keep them from re-entering the park they were “occupying”.

One of the fleabaggers claims that she felt “something metallic” scrape her skin during this process and is claiming that the officer gave her an unwanted tattoo because the writing on her hand was still there after repeated washings.

Which was all it took for John Aravosis of the hyperleft AmericaBlog to make a “nazi’s tattooing Jews” analogy. Nevermind that this ink is supposed to be hard to remove, and never mind that the tip of the applicator is plastic. He doesn’t know or care to know any of this and instead Godwin’s himself on his front page.

She doesn’t make a single claim of blood on her hands, which is on of the things that always happens when you get ink subdermally injected. Yet, she is calling it a tattoo. Aravosis has linked to the pictures of the number written on the occupier’s hand. As a well inked person I can personally testify that if you were to get a tattoo that wide, there would be a good quantity of blood rolling down your wrist.

There is even an update to the Salon article stating that the ink finally wore off after four days. And yet he refuses to remove his analogy.

What a shitstain.

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  1. Bram says:

    Meanwhile cops and soldiers are using Syrian protestors for target practice with sniper rifles.

    Screw her and all the pathetic Occupy scum.

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