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So the wife and I will be attending our first-ever pistol class this weekend. It’s LMS Defense’s Pistol Clinic, for newbies. We’ve not really shot defensive handguns for a couple of years, as evidenced by our dismal showing at last year’s Gunblogger Rendezvous steel shoot. We have a pair of new Glock 19s, including the wife’s Glock she won at the Rondy (thanks, Glock!) and they’re unfired by us, so this will be their baptism.

Course requirements include a holster and magazine holders. Well, since neither of us are OC folks (and in California, the only lawful OC is unloaded OC — to me, what’s the point?) and we don’t have CCW permits, neither of us had any of that equipment, much less a gun belt.

Off we went to the best gun shop in the Bay Area, where the ever-friendly and patient Scott helped us select some good stiff leather BladeTech gun belts (with plastic inserts for more stiffness, as recommended by Breda — thanks Breda!) and holsters. I’ve got a Blackhawk Serpa holster with the little index-finger latch and and the wife has a no-latch BladeTech holster.

Now I have to round up 500 rounds of 9mm for each of us. I think I have almost that much in the ammo locker….

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  1. Sennin says:

    Good for y’all! When you get finished with that, then there’s more to be accomplished. Come see me at the Rendezvous in September. I’ll be there with Elizabeth and (possibly) She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Bring ammo.


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