The Soundboard: In Threes

Today we are going to honor the passing of two greats in their field, and hope to ward off the “In Threes” sequence with tunage.

The first, of course, is William F Buckley. I’ve only read a little of his works, but quite a few of his quotes. I didn’t agree with him always, but that is individualism. He helped motivate what was a retreating brand of philosophy, which I prefer, and he therefore deserves respect.

For our first piece of music, In Threes, we have Rush, circa 1978.

Anthem – Rush (Live)

This was recorded at the Hammersmith-Odeon and is from the #3 disk of the Different Stages collection of live music.

This week we also lost masterpiece creator and all around automotive great, Boyd Coddington. His visions in steel, like no one else. Foose still has to go another decade or two before he can match Boyd.

For Mr. Coddington, we have another In Threes band, current owners of Cadzilla, ZZ Top, circa 1979.

She Loves My Automobile – ZZ Top

Of course, from my favorite ZZ album, Deguello

So long, gentlemen. And thank you.

But that’s only two songs, Phil.

Correct, but since I screwed up last week’s song dedicated to Obama, it is now corrected and still loaded up for you to sample.


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