RNS Slays the Evil Ones

What, you think I jest? Not so, young Skywalker! I personally killed one of Dracula’s Evil Minions with the gun from my Vampire Kit this past Sunday evening. It was after the time change, so what was usually the hour of dusk had suddenly become the dark of night. We were nestled in our Dogs.jpgsanctum by the hearth, our bones warmed by the first fire of the season against the dark chill outside, when our white Wolf and dusky Hound (at left) began a fearful clamor at the door. A Beast was without!

Steeling myself against the din, I loosed our faithful companions into the now-Stygian depths of the yard. As their spectral shapes vanished beyond the cone of the porch light, I wondered what lurked beyond. But wait! Something approached! A white shape from out of the gloom! Was it fiend or friend?


Well, okay, it was just the white Wolf-dog with a tree rat twitching in his mouth. But hey! Rats are part & parcel of vampiric atmosphere — I got a quote from Dracula to the right if you don’t believe me!

(And no, “tree rat” is not slang for a squirrel. We really do get rats running around in trees here. What can I say? It’s suburbia.)

I delivered the coup de grace with 20 grains of lead driven by a whisper of hummingbirds’ wings. Power enough to do the job, but still quiet, as befitted the cemetery my back yard had become that cold October evening…

…and of course I left the gun pics at the office. Check back in this space at about noon Eastern time for pics of the Vampire Kit and a New Shooter range report.

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